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ArchSite is an online database that contains information about recorded archaeological sites in New Zealand. ArchSite uses GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to manage and display information on maps. It is the national inventory of archaeological sites in New Zealand. The information is used for research, site management and protection. There are currently over 60,000 sites in ArchSite. 

ArchSite incorporates information from NZAA's Site Recording Scheme and Upgrade Project. The Site Recording Scheme began over fifty years ago as a paper-based recording system for information about archaeological sites. Information has been provided by many different individuals and organisations over the years as their contribution to this co-operative venture.

ArchSite contains site descriptions and information about the location, type and condition of sites. There may also be scanned historical site record forms, photographs and site plans, which are being progressively added. 

If you would like to submit information to ArchSite please complete a Site Record Form or contact one of our Filekeepers. NZAA members are able to contribute archaeological site information online.

Information from ArchSite may be obtained in several different ways:

  • Search our interactive map
  • Contact our Central Filekeeper, or District Filekeepers
  • Login to ArchSite, search by site, location or using a map interface
  • Login to ArchSite GIS services
  • Order Site Record Forms

You will require a username and password to login to ArchSite. You must apply for access to ArchSite and there may be a charge. 

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