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The ArchSite web application runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems and is also able to be used on some smart phones and tablet devices. Please note that the web browsers Internet Explorer and Safari are not compatible with ArchSite.
Minor bugs can be introduced from time to time with new browser versions, and these can affect the running of ArchSite.  If you encounter any issues as the result of a browser upgrade, please contact the ArchSite coordinator (, so that we can address these.   
Check that your browser 'pop-up blocker' settings allow for: and *
If you have signed up for an Export Site Data package, you can export data as either a file geodatabase or a set of shapefiles, for use in your own geographic information system (GIS).   Please note, free GIS software is available for download via the internet, and can be used with ArchSite data. You will be able to search across in a range of fields (e.g. features) and carry out spatial analyses.
ArchSite uses the NZGD2000 datum and the New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) projection.  NZMG coordinates have been converted to NZTM for use in ArchSite. For information about datums and projections in New Zealand, and the coordinate conversion tool, visit the LINZ website.     

Navigating tips
The  ?  icon on the Browse Map page describes the easiest way to navigate around the ArchSite map:
Left Mouse Button + Shift Key + Drag ? Drags a zoom box and zooms to the box.
Left Mouse Button + Shift Key + Ctrl Key + Drag ? Drags a zoom box and zooms out around the box.
When browsing the ArchSite map and selecting sites (by drawing a polygon on-screen, using the site selection button), site summary data will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen.  To view the full site details for multiple sites, open an additional browser window and access the relevant information via Find a Site. (Clicking on Go to Full Details for a selected site option within the Browse Map screen, then using the back arrow will return to the default map extent.)    
To draw a polygon (shape), click sequentially on points around the desired area.  Double click to close the polygon.  You can repeat this process any number of times to re-draw the shape.

Data entry tips
Look out for Help text in the data fields when entering information into ArchSite.   
Edit users can review and amend their final site record entries via the Review Site Details screen, before saving and submitting the information to the Central Filekeeper. 
To upload a document, Edit users need to first create or update a site record, then an Upload Document link will appear in the My History screen.  It is important that key data fields are updated, in order to improve the quality of information available via ArchSite over time, and to allow for better searching options in future.

Once a record has been saved documents can be uploaded, but data cannot be further edited until the record has been reviewed and approved by the Central Filekeeper.  If you wish to make any amendments while the record is in pending status, or require a record to be approved fairly urgently, please e-mail the Central Filekeeper.

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